Magnets. Seriously?

Magnets. Seriously?

One of the biggest barriers to shaving with the traditional safety razor is the difficulty in changing and aligning the double edge razor blade.

Our four alignment pins position the blade and then two, high-powered Neodymium magnets hold the blade in place. 

The razor handle is permanently affixed to the blade guard making blade changes safe and easy.

The blade cover has two additional Neodymium grade N52 magnets that hold the cover in place while shaving. They provide 2.8 lbs of holding force. Is it enough?

When the next larger (more powerful) magnet was tested, users complained that they needed a tool to pry off the top. Blind tests were also performed in which some razors were held together with permanent epoxy, while others used magnets. The testing panel could not determine a difference. 

Certified rare earth magnets are expensive and difficult to work with. We chose the best solution, not the easiest or the cheapest.

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