• Our First Razor

    We made our first razor in 2013 using hand tools and World War II era metalworking machines.

  • Unique Razor Handles

    For our first few years we offered unique safety razor replacement handles on Instagram.

Starting in 2015 we moved to automated CNC machining and produced more refined designs under our Charcoal Goods shaving razor brand.

CNC Machined Handles

new technology

3D Printed Stainless

We offered the first commercially available 3D printed stainless steel safety razor in 2016.

Unique Shaving Brushes

3D printed shaving brushes were also created.

CNC Machined Razor Heads

By 2016 we were producing complete safety razors in brass, copper, and stainless steel, with unique design options for shaving razor collectors around the world.

Many of these razors were one of a kind or only available in limited quantities.

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The Charcoal Goods brand and its premium priced collector's razors was retired in 2023. We began work on a high quality, unique safety razor design, that could be offered at a more affordable price. Our new razor is the result of years of design and manufacturing experience.