• CNC Machined in the USA

    Medical, Military, and Aerospace parts are made in the United States using the CNC manufacturing process. Why? Because these industries demand perfection. So do we.

  • Aluminum 13AL

    Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant making it a great material for a shaving razor. Hard anodizing protects the surface and won't chip like chrome plating.

We Make Safety Razors.

two sides

Two Razors in One

The solid bar side has a neutral blade exposure for everyday use. The scalloped side has a positive blade exposure and larger blade gap for a closer shave.

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Covered blade tabs

Easy Blade Change

The magnetic blade cover has extended sides which make it easy to remove while leaving the blade attached to the handle.

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Razor blades aren't standardized

Precision Alignment Pins

We measured 150 different DE blades and found they were all different sizes. Our unique alignment pins are the most accurate method of positioning the largest variety of razor blades.

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