Two Razors in One - Dual Comb

Two Razors in One - Dual Comb

During 10 years of safety razor design one of the top requested features from wet shavers was a dual-comb or two sided razor design. 

Our solid bar side has a neutral blade exposure for everyday use. You'll barely feel the blade while shaving.

The scalloped side has a positive blade exposure and larger blade gap for a closer shave.


The original double edge safety razors were released to the public before the widespread availability of indoor plumbing. These early adopters needed to complete a full shave without ever rinsing the razor out. Having a symmetrical two sided razor made this an easy task.

shaving brush with mug

While the double edge blade hasn't changed very much in the past century, we now have running water and can rinse the razor out during the shave. Having each side of the razor offer a different shaving aggressiveness gives you the most flexibility.

The exact dimensions for our mild and medium sides were selected based on 10 years of historical sales data and over 30 previously designed safety razors. 

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