Safety Razor Manufacturing Process Comparison

Safety Razor Manufacturing Process Comparison

3D Metal Printing
While major advancements have been made in additive manufacturing for metals, we're still a number of years away from it being reliable and cost effective for consumer products

CNC Machining
CNC Milling machines are typically used to produce high precision components. It's a very expensive process that yields the highest quality shaving razor with the finest precision.

Injection Molding
Both metals and plastics can undergo the injection molding process. Most plastic cartridge razors are produced in massive quantities with this method.

The majority of safety razors are cast from melted zinc which is then chrome plated. It's a cheap, low quality process, that's toxic for the environment.

The cheapest safety razors have stamped heads with cast handles. It's a great method for mass production, but it's difficult to control quality.

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