Safety Razor Blades

Safety Razor Blades

Our Everyday Shaving safety razor fits over 150 different double edge razor blades. Why so many blades and which one is right for you? While safety razors have been replaced by plastic cartridge razors in the United States they are the most common type of shaving razor in just about every other country.

Blade manufactures adjust the sharpness and grind profile of their blades to suit local customers. Our razor works best with the following blades, but your personal preference might differ.

  • Bic Chrome Platinum
  • Treet Platinum
  • Gillette 7 O'Clock
  • Astra Superior Platinum

What about all of those other blades?

While most double edge razor blades are made from a low grade stainless called 'razor steel' both Treet and Tatra make a carbon steel blade. These blades work great with our magnetic razor as the carbon steel is more magnetic than the stainless steel. Just make sure to remove the blade after shaving as it will rust immediately.

Be wary of the very cheap blades like: Shark, RK, Derby, and Wilkinson Sword. These low quality blades are found everywhere and are often the first blades a new shaver tries.

If you're looking for the sharpest blades check out: Feather, Gillette Platinum, Gillette Silver Blue, Pol Silver, Kai, Persona Lab. These super sharp blades will dig into your skin with very little pressure, so be careful!

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